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Why is it memorable, why or why not?

As i walked into the Irish voices envisioned exhibit, i began to look all the exhibits. There was one though that struck me to focus and observe it. It was the “Northern Ireland, a Society in Transition from Violence to Peace. It was a drawing that didnt have much text but yet it spoke to me. The drawing showed many flags, around island and its showing that ireland has become a peaceful country. The drawing showed me that Ireland had become peaceful, and i didnt know they used to be a violent nation. In the text it talked about how the irish had claims for there land, and on the 12th they remember that they had to fight for there country to keep it established. Also it talks about for some of the protestants that live there, theres a “deep sense of insecurity due to a lack of a sense of belonging in Ireland”. The protestants had lived in ireland, but they had been colonised, and felt “unsure of ones place”.


11/30 part 2

Explain how a particular video game reconstructs an historical event. (This might be considered a form of virtual reenactment)
The game Call of Duty: World at war which i have played for quite some time,has probably taught me more of world war 2 than my history teacher in high school, just kidding mr.schecter!. Well this game re-enacts world war 2 and some very important scenes of the war, that are very important in history when considering world war 2. The game first starts off in makin island where one of your comrades are actually captured by the japanese on a japanese island. Your mission is to raid the island and save him, which actually happend in world 2 it reenacted the “makin island raid” which was a real attack done by the marines on the japanese on the island. Then after that mission your sent to stalingrad germany where you must take over stalingrad and assasinate the general heinrich amschel. This game gives insight to show that world war didnt only happend at one point in the world, it was fought over in many different battlefronts. This one event where your sent to stalingrad, is a also a very historical reenactment of “The battle of Stalingrad” which many soldiers lost their lives but we won and prevailed in it. Then in the last mission you are to head to one of the last battlefronts of the war, which was actually the last battlefront before it ended. Your sent to Reichstag to get rid of the natzi flag and put up the soviet flag to show they have won, and are victorius! Then after the you see a cutscene where the atomic bomb is dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki, and reenacts the actual bombing of japan! Finally you see the peace accord being signed to signified the war is being over. This video is a great virtual reenactment of the war, and i think people should recognize these games as part of history.To show that there helping with preserving the memories of history.

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Due 11/30 part 1

Collect and write about family Thanksgiving memories, perhaps memories that emerge as you celebrate this Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving I think would be my most memorable thanksgiving ever, not only because it was my most recent Thanksgiving but because i made so many new memories because of it. This Thanksgiving was a change, because my sister got married and the other family celebrated Thanksgiving with my family too. One memory was just sitting down and talking to the other family and sharing stories, and getting to know each other. I developed memories of what the other family is like, what their personality is, how they interact, and how much of a great set of people they are. Another memory i had was like a visual memory, because this year my mom made a turkey and the other familly’s mom made one and it was a little weird to see someone other than my mom carving a turkey, but after we all tried her turkey it turned out to be a nice memory to have of trying that turkey because it was so tasty and delicious, but dont get me wrong my moms turkey was better! Even though i had to celebrate thanksgiving with an extended family it turned out great, and i made alot of freinds with the other family, they turned out nicer than i thought they would. One more memory that emerged from thanksgiving was when my cousin had a fight with my sister in law and i had to break it up, because I was older it just made me feel good to do something that. So as I look back on this Thanksgiving i remember the great memories of meeting my extended family, and feeling the pride of having to help in my family.


Memory Book Project REPOST

Thanksgiving as a ritual that crates and reaffirms your family identity each year

      Thanksgiving one day a year on a month before christmas, you can say that both days are holidays where familys get together, but on thanksgiving in my family,everyone is in my house for thanksgiving, because on christmas they just usually drop of my presents and then are on their way.  I really would say it is like a ritual that creates and reaffirms my family identity each year. My family idenetity isnt visible to anyone but me and and someone in my family because its personal what we see ourselves as a whole. It’s our sense of where we came from, our values, and our sense of belonging to something bigger than what we are as inviduals.

Every thanksgiving our family get together for before thanksgiving, and get ready to help prepare the food we all are going to consume, because its not a family if only one person is going to make it. So usually my mom is the one making the turkey. My brother and I are usually the ones going to carve it, and my sister and most of the rest of the family are usually making the other dishes, that are all my moms recipes. When the preparation is all done we all head to the dining table to enjoy our thanksgiving. Everyone gets seated and my brother and I bring down all the food, the carved turkey, and make sure everyone is properly seated and ready to eat. We always say our prayer, but our family is  very diverse and have many religions, but we all come together and are still able to celebrate the same way, whether we are different religions or not. The ages in our family vary, from the young ones to the grandpa and grandma, and we all are able to get along together. I always remember that whenever were passing the food down to each other on the looooong dining table, all the faces are just smiling and delighted and excited to just start eating. Everyone is always happy about the meal my mom made, and compliment the food, because in our family were loving and caring to each other. Then after eating the old folks would talk about there long ago stories, and yet in the modern day we would still be highly entertained, and even if it is boring in our family we always try our best to make sure the other person is still happy. Just joking and having fun, and telling stories, and sharing our values help us share with each other who we are as a family. During the year there maybe hardships or tough times in our family, or someone not getting along with another, but when it gets down to that certain day thanksgiving we are as loving to each other as always. As as result we are able to reaffirm our family identity as a whole.

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9/11 pt 2

A. Nabakov as a writer chooses to include and no include certain things. Personally his writing style puts me to sleep with the thing he includes. Like when Nabakov goes and talks about food for no reason at all, and i just dont see the relevance with his main point. Then he leaves out details about the girl, like why he likes her, and what he likes about.
B.Well he uses words i never ever heard about, and uses the words in context to make details about the underlying point, and by using big words he makes it flow in a way that creates details.
C. During the middle of the passage by Nabakov, in the part where he talks about collete’s dog he says that he himself being conscious and all, cannot remember the dogs name.


9/11 pt 1

“attach a cultural memory of a song to a caller or callee”?
To attach a cultural memory to a song to a caller or callee means that like you have a song, and you are able to find background to the song, and meaning behind it. Then able to attach something you remember from a culture to that song, and be able to show the signifigance of the cultural memory of the song to the person your calling, or person that called you.


11/4 assignment

In “Musical madeiline” the author talked about various types of music and artists, and tried to portray how invidiuals would include them in their life through cellphone ringtones.

Ringtones are a waste of time, because i cant afford ringtones.

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11/2 Halloween memory

Last year on Halloween i went into the city to the Halloween parade, and i remember seeing all the costumes and all the faces of the people having fun. I had on my gecko costume and i remember taking pictures with so many people. My costume was awesome, i felt like everyone wanted to take a picture with me. At the same time i was having so much fun because it was the first Halloween parade i went to, and freinds were having fun too. I can recall this memory easily because i have hundreds of pictures of this memory. Also i am able to remember it because my friends used to talk about how fun it was, and that we should do it again. It’s pretty accurate because, the memory seems to always pop in my head every Halloween and during the month of october, and whenever i recall it my freinds are able to recall it the exact same way. I told my other freinds about it but they didnt seem to really care. The details that are fuzzy are about the costumes i saw, i cant recall all the costumes i saw because there were so many. The memory holds the meaning that, halloween doesnt have to be a scary thing, it could be fun and entertaining.


“There is simply no way to describe the past without lying. Our memories are not like fiction. They are fiction.”

In the reading “Marcel Proust:The method of memory” from Proust was a neuroscientist, there was a quote by lehrer stated as There is simply no way to describe the past without lying. Our memories are not like fiction. They are fiction.” Well first of all the title of the reading is The Method of Memory, and in the reading it talks about how memory is stored, and recalled, and there is a method of how memory is stored in an individual. First they must encode it and remember it, and for them to remember it they must be able to interpret into their own schema of it. Then when that memory is retold to another person it could change, and be totally different, and thats what lehrer meant, since memories are reconstructed differently, by not telling the full truth of it, you could be lying and it would be untrue, therefore fiction


first draft,thesis,outline

How’s the senioritis going? Well if for one hope it diminishes before you can even think of entering college and especially history. History as you know it in high school will differ greatly, from history in college. You will be learning about how history, is perceived in the element of memory, and also perspective accounts of historical events, specifically on paul revere’s ride. I will do my best to report yo you all that is needed to know about history and memory, and its sigificance with historical events.
David Thelen said that “the challenge of history is to recover the past and introduce it to the present, and that it is the same challenge that confronts memory”. History can be changed due to the views of the present. Memory and history have alot to due with each other, their are types of memories and these are social and historical memory. With events in history people tend to reconstruct and change the memory of theirs to fit them, and then when its told to another person it could be totally different of whats passed on. The study of how people construct and narrate memories is very intriguing because it also relates to events in history. In addition the accuracy of a memory is also important because it has to do “with how correctly it descries what actually occured at some point in the past”. We also compare events in history at different accounts to find the accuracy of it. They say memories fade overtime but I think it gets even better overtime, because your able to consider it, re-evaluate it, within the time and space that you are able to remember it.

Thesis: I will do my best to report yo you all that is needed to know about history and memory, and its sigificance with historical events.

Intro – thesis, object, background history

first body paragrah paul revere midnight right poem
2nd paragrah relate history and memory construction to it
3rd talk about deposition
4th relate memory and the differences of styles of writing
5th talk about the letter
6th relate 2 historical events
7th recap on memory of all of it together
8th intro, rexpaiin thesis and object of essay.

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